In the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit, the word for entireness and completeness is Saakalya.

The Saakalya Collection sources high quality, Southeast Asian décor, soft furnishings and accessories to bring the beauty and serenity of this region to interiors around the world.

Our collection is contemporary and simple by design. We seek out local suppliers for their skill and traditional values to bring unique products that are made entirely from naturally occurring, sustainable resources. All have been selected to provide a harmonious and relaxed Southeast Asian tropical experience.


Boutique Spas and Hotels

The Saakalya Collection offers a holistic décor solution to an opening or refurbishment by providing the interior finesse to complement spa treatments with an ambience of wellbeing. On request we are able to source or create products in line with your signature brand or unique concept.


In line with this holistic philosophy, Saakalya also offers:


Saakalya’s three Yoga instructors between them have over twenty years of experience and are all certified by the Institute of Vivekananda Yoga and Research Development, India (I.V.Y.R.D.). Available for group or corporate sessions, as well as private classes either in the studio or at home, there are opportunities for everyone to release the stresses of busy modern lifestyles.


Saakalya Travel offers holistic weekend breaks to the Southeast Asian countries from which the Saakalya Collection has been developed. These reward guests’ curiosity by immersing them in local culture, hidden secrets and natural wonders. Saakalya gives guests access to a side that is typically seen only by local eyes, an enriching and wholesome experience.